A brand new show fresh from R&D in the summer of 2021…
A talking Ambulance, and a haphazard Doctor, testing patients. What happens to medical treatment when you get your wires crossed?
A family friendly, fun packed, interactive travelling medicine show. 
Meet BESSIE and her friendly operative the Doctor. D.O.C. stands for Doctor On Call. BESSIE stands for Bio Emergency Support Systems Intelligence Engine ~ an ex NHS Ambulance, upgraded with the latest in Artificial Intelligence.
New street theatre show D.O.C. examines the role of machine learning and A.I. in modern emergency medicine: What is medical data and who’s data is it anyway? Who is in charge when we use computers? Is it us, is it the algorithm, or is it the computer? What is machine learning? Do they think and feel, and can they ever really learn what it is like to be human? Most important of all, what happens when you get your wires crossed?
BESSIE’s lights flash when she speaks or gets excited, when she plays music, or in an emergency. She has a snazzy high resolution day bright interactive LED screen in her side window for showing her working, testing patients, and calculating results. She also has a ‘3rd Eye Cam’ under that screen for ‘scanning for patients’ and even ‘facial recognition’. 
With Covid 19 testing and results now a part of daily modern life, D.O.C. explores medical testing in a broader sense. Testing is how Doctors find out what is happening to a patient, what is wrong and how bad it is. What happens when BESSIE decides the Doctor needs to be tested? What happens when a computer decides a human may not be healthy? This show isn’t really about Covid, but about medicine, and medical professionals and our relationship to it and them. At a time of the greatest public health crisis in a century these questions are more pertinent than ever. D.O.C. is about the growing, sometimes worrying, and often maddening role of technology in all of our lives. 
The future of medicine has arrived at your destination. Welcome to your new front line medical service.
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A 35 minute comedy for outdoor arts festivals and venues.
Here is a 20 second teaser on Instagram.

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Photos by Tamsin Middleton